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July 6-8

VBS will be very different this year, but it will also be way cool! Instead of you bringing your kids to VBS, we’re bringing VBS to your kids.

Almost everything you need to run your own BOLT VBS can be found at the BOLT Family Portal. Your password for the portal is LETSBOLT (all caps). Click on this link to go to the BOLT Family Portal.

At the BOLT Family Portal you will find some great resources! First you will see your Parent Guide. It will have all the information you need to run BOLT. You will also find the video for each day, color sheets, game instructions, and origami instructions. Toward the bottom, there is even a link to a Spotify playlist with all of the cool BOLT music. As a backup, we have even included all of those resources (except the videos) in your child's BOLT Basket!

Here is a short video that shows you what BOLT looks like!


Step 1: Gather a few materials. During BOLT, kids will be playing games and doing origami. You will need square pieces of paper for the origami and there will be a few other things that you will already have around the house that you will need. On DAY 3 you will need whipped topping for the game.

Step 2: Press play. When you’re ready, gather the kids around and press play on the video. There is a video for each day, and you can find all 3 videos on the BOLT Family Portal or on this YouTube playlist. Each video will lead you and the kids through the entire experience. Occasionally, the video will ask you to pause and do something. When you’re finished doing it, press play again.

Step 3: Play the games. When the video prompts you to, press pause and lead the kids in playing the games. Each day has 3 games. One of the games each day is demonstrated in the video, the other two are not. You can read more about all of the games below. There’s no rush to get through the games, so take your time and have fun. When you’re finished, give the kids a snack, open a Bible and have someone read the verses indicated on the screen, then press play again.

Step 4: It’s origami time. For the craft, kids will be doing origami. It’s so simple, yet fun! The video will show them exactly what to do.

Step 5: There is no step 5. That’s it! It’s that easy! Depending on your pace, each day should take about an hour and a half.


If you have any questions, we'll be here to help. Give us a call at 254-826-5165 or email us here.