Children's Ministry


Since we cannot meet together right now, we encourage you to find some time to share these lessons with your kids. They are the same lessons that our volunteers would have used if they had been able to meet this week. Don't try to use the whole document each time, just use it as guide from which you can pick a few ideas to share with your child.

For Wednesday, April 1

Starting with this lesson, our kids will talk about Solomon for a few weeks and learn from his wisdom. Click on the button below to open the teaching guide.

Ms. Susan made a video for the preschoolers who usually get to meet with her on Wednesdays.

Your little ones will be glad to see her, even it is only a video!

This one is for the week of April 1.

Ms. Jennifer is going to offer a new challenge each week. In this video she begins the first challenge. She asks the kids to guess how many jelly beans are in her jar. Let your kids watch the video and then send their guesses to this email. Be sure to include each child's name and the number of their guess.