Lessons Learned Along the Way

A featured column in Common Call Magazine, a publication of The Baptist Standard
By John W. Crowder (2022)

We can train ourselves to respond to an attack in a reasonable way by asking two questions and answering them honestly.

Plumb lines keep a construction job vertical and square. In ministry, we need plumb lines to guide us as well. If something "lines up" with your priorities and guiding principals, go for it! If it does not "line up," let it go or leave it for someone else to do.

The most important roles of a pastor are symbolized in a washing basin and shepherd's staff. Keeping both of those symbols close at hand can be very helpful to a pastor who wants to serve and lead faithfully.

Trust is the currency of leadership. When leaders begin to earn trust they open an accounts in the trust bank. Leaders can learn to make regular deposits so there will be adequate amounts of trust built up when quick withdrawals must be made.